Wilder Tactical Wilder Tactical WIDE Minimalist Belt Wilder Tactical Wilder Tactical WIDE Minimalist Belt Wilder Tactical Wilder Tactical WIDE Minimalist Belt
Wilder Tactical Wilder Tactical WIDE Minimalist Belt Wilder Tactical Wilder Tactical WIDE Minimalist Belt Wilder Tactical Wilder Tactical WIDE Minimalist Belt

Wilder Tactical WIDE Minimalist Belt

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The Wilder Tactical WIDE Minimalist Battle Belt is constructed with a laser-cut proprietary 500D Cordura® laminate. Designed with the Law Enforcement Officer in mind, this versatile belt pad is the perfect foundation for all your duty gear

The exterior features vertical laser-cut slots that accommodate ANY duty (up to 2.25”). The padded and textured neoprene interior creates a comfortable non-slip system that eliminates the need for a velcro inner belt. If additional support is needed, four vertical velcro keepers are evenly spaced on the inside of the pad. 

Sizing: The minimalist belt pad is not designed to fit completely around your waist.  Instead, it should be worn where the ends of the pad rest on your hip bone.   

The Wide Belt Pad is made for Duty Belts 2"-2.25" and will not work correctly with anything smaller. 


Ben 08-04-2020 20:58

Short and sweet - 9/10 I would recommend this product.

*****Caution - long winded below review*****

I recently received this belt. I did a lot of searching and wasn’t happy with other offerings (HSGI and others) that wouldn’t allow me to use my issued duty belt (they required narrower cobra or similar belts at an additional cost of $100+/-) or if they fit a duty belt would require the use of molle pouches (again additional cost).

The Wilder Tactical padded belt accommodates my issued duty belt (2.25”) and it threads through the laser cut slots on the padded belt very nicely. It allows me to use my issues pouches and provides all the same features as the HSGI and other padded belts such as additional padding for comfort, neoprene backing for grip, and laser cut slots for secure positioning of pouches and equipment.

The laser cut slots were a real attraction for me, it allows me to precisely place my pouches, holster and other equipment on my belt and if you thread your belt underneath a slot on either side of your equipment it cannot physically shift.

Other belts like the HSGI duty grip have the same feature, although don’t accommodate the full width duty belt and your pouches will shift up and down on the narrower belt which would drive me crazy.

There are a few things I would change about this belt:

First of all the sizing; I would have assumed (and preferred) that the sizing chart would have allowed the smallest recommended size in each category (S,M,L,etc) to have the ends of the padded belt touch. So if you; like myself, had a 38” waist and ordered the large (min 36”max 40” waist)you would have a 2” gap between the ends of the buckle, unfortunately it is sized to touch ends on the larger end. So with a 38” waist instead of a gap I have overlap in the front. The large belt actually measures 41” end to end, the medium would have been too small for me at about 34” long end to end.

Second, there are Velcro straps on the inside of the belt running vertically edge to edge; 6 total on the large padded belt. They are mated hook and loop and I assume it is to secure around an inner belt. It would be a huge pain to do so! As you would have to weave the velcro and do it up behind a tightened inner belt. A much better idea would have been to have a fixed strip of Velcro loop sewn in the manner it is now and to have a second piece (an adapter if you will) of double sided hook to convert it. That way if you have a hook or loop inner belt you could have the padded belt stick to your inner and be that extra little bit insurance that it ain’t going anywhere. And if you don’t care you could remove the hook adapter and the padded belt won’t chew up your pants and shirt.

Overall the Wilder Tactical padded belt provides a good increase in comfort for me; especially over my hips and in the lumbar area during to increased surface area. It makes taking the belt off easier (as I’m not messing with keepers) and it maintains a clean look.

Thanks DS for stocking this; the only place in Canada that I’ve found, and for offering it at a good price with great shipping options!

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