GG&G GG&G Quick Detach Front "Sling Thing" For AR15/M16 Weapon Systems
GG&G GG&G Quick Detach Front "Sling Thing" For AR15/M16 Weapon Systems

GG&G Quick Detach Front "Sling Thing" For AR15/M16 Weapon Systems

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The sling swivels on the standard AR15/M16 rifle and carbine are found in the same location as those of the Model 1873 Trapdoor Springfield, and every U.S. infantry rifle in between.

All of this has changed dramatically in recent years as special operations personnel and law enforcement SWAT teams have emphasized the importance of transitioning to the service sidearm or to the weak side, and the need to have both hands free to operate ancillary equipment or control adversaries and still maintain instant accessibility to the urban rifle. It was for this reason that tactical slings, such as the Giles Sling, were developed. However, the problem of how to attach these slings still remained. It's now generally accepted that tactical slings should be mounted on the side of the weapon. GG&G makes an AR15 Sling Adapter and sling mounts for this very reason.

Our "Sling Things" are a lightweight, durable, easy-to-install and inexpensive sling mounts. Both our standard front Sling Thing and front QD (Quick Detachable) Sling Thing install easily onto the AR15/M16's "A-frame" front sight assembly, on either the right or left sides using socket head cap screws. Mounted high in this manner "rifle roll" is completely prevented. The rear Sling Thing is designed for easy attachment to the AR15/M16 collapsible stock. The standard Sling Thing uses 1¼-inch sling swivels. Our QD model utilizes sturdy Uncle Mike's 1¼-inch QD sling swivels included in the package. Manufactured from tough 6061 T6 billet aluminum alloy, the Sling Thing is Type III hard-coat anodized in a matte black combat finish. Both models are compatible with the Surefire Millenium 500 flashlight forearm. The mounts are made to the specifications of military and police forces who use them in the field.

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