Happy Yak Happy Yak Pad Thaï, Vegetable and Peanut (1 Serving)
Happy Yak Happy Yak Pad Thaï, Vegetable and Peanut (1 Serving)

Happy Yak Pad Thaï, Vegetable and Peanut (1 Serving)

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Our Asian-inspired Pad Thai is prepared with tasty pieces of vegetables, rice noodles and a creamy peanut sauce. This best seller balances flavours that are bittersweet, spicy with a hint salt that creates its bold personality.



Looking for a restaurant quality Pad Thai on the go? Happy Yak has formulated a delicious express Pad Thai that is vegan, lactose-free that is less than 1% gluten. This large portion will impress you with its 44 g protein and 1060 calories.



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