Bio Cleanz Bio Cleanz BioCleanz Bio Cleanz Bio Cleanz BioCleanz
Bio Cleanz Bio Cleanz BioCleanz Bio Cleanz Bio Cleanz BioCleanz

Bio Cleanz BioCleanz

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What is BioCleanz™?

BioCleanz™ is an exceptional multi-use solution to the challenges of keeping a clean, safe and eco-friendly environment at home. Increasingly, there is a need for a cleaner which can address a broad range of surfaces and materials without the use of harsh chemicals which can harm children, pets and damage the environment, and contribute to health problems within the home, such as asthma, shortness of breath, headaches, nausea and allergic reactions. BioCleanz™ is ideal to use around children, the elderly and those with allergies, asthma, scent sensitivities or immune deficiencies. It combines a superior odour eliminator, disinfectant and a powerful green cleaning package into a gentle solution which cleans, disinfects and deodorizes effectively without harmful side effects.

Clean – Disinfect – Deodorize

  • All-purpose, multi-surface cleaner.
  • Broad spectrum disinfectant with a 99.9999% efficacy.
  • Scent free, hypo-allergenic and gentle formulation.
  • Breaks apart the molecular structure of smoke, fumes and many chemical vapours.
  • BioCleanz™ is not harmful to you or your environment.
  • Does not produce Volatile Organic Compounds or carcinogens.
  • Does not mask odours or poison to kill germs, rather it disrupts vital components of the molecule.
  • BioCleanz™ is non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about where, or when you spray it.

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